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Ethical Business Policy

Ethical Business Policy

Jaindi Export (PVT) Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity and to conducting our business legally, honestly and fairly and requires all our employees to carry out their duties in accordance with these principles.

The Company’s attitude to bribery, fraud, dishonesty, illegal or improper activity amongst its employees, partners, subcontractors or suppliers is that of zero tolerance. To this end our objectives are to:


In pursuit of these objectives Jaindi Export PVT LTD will ensure that our policies, procedures and practices are open, fair and equitable for all parties involved.

Bribery and Fraud

The Company will – 


Competition and Unethical Practices

The Company will – 


Confidentiality and Data Protection

The Company will – 


Conflicts of Interest

Personnel will avoid conflicts between their personal interests (and those of parties connected with them) and their duties and responsibilities to Jaindi and its Clients, suppliers, contractors, employees and other third parties.


Protection and Ownership of Assets

This applies to resources both in the form of tangible assets and intangible assets such as computer systems, bespoke processes, software, intellectual property, trade secrets and confidential information.
These resources shall not be used for any other purpose than for Jaindi or their Clients’ business. They shall not be used for unauthorised or unlawful purposes or for personal gain


Accounting Systems and Procedures

Legal Compliance

Jaindi Export PVT LTD comply with all relevant legal requirements in so far as they apply to the activities of the Company.


Administration of the Ethical Business Policy

The Board of Directors shall assume responsibility for Governance and Compliance requirements and the implementation of this policy. The Board shall review, on an annual basis, the implementation and effectiveness of this Policy and shall ensure that: 



All instances of non-compliance with this Policy should be reported to the Director in charge of Governance and Compliance or the Managing Director. All communications will be held in confidence and, if requested, can be on an anonymous basis.