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Coconut Cake

This perfect coconut cake sets the bar for homemade cakes everywhere. It’s supremely moist with a soft fluffy crumb and intense coconut flavor. For success, follow this recipe carefully including using cake flour, egg whites, sour cream, and canned coconut milk. Preparation I adapted this recipe from my favorite white cake. Its pristine crumb, fluffy…

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Coconut Milk Custard

Coconut milk custard – vegan and creamy dessert that takes just 10 minutes to make. A delectable vegan custard sauce bursting with fabulous coconut flavour is sure to appeal coconut lovers. Ingredients 1 tin (400ml) Coconut Milk β…“ cup (77 gms) Sugar 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract 3 tbsp (30 gms) Corn flour Preparation Before you…

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Traditional Milk Rice (Kiribath)

Kiribath is typically prepared from four basic components: white short-grain rice, thick coconut milk or basic milk, water and salt to taste. Choosing the right variety of rice is critical in cooking the dish well. Long-grain rice or medium-grain rice are not the best choices for making this dish.[12] Traditionally, it is prepared with a…

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